What We do



We have expertise in the areas of solar energy and energy generation from waste. We can provide large businesses and public sector organisations with technical support to estimate the amount of  resources (bio-gas, bio-fertiliser or electricity) that can be generated from their food waste or solar photovotaics, the associated financial savings, return on investment etc. Furthermore, we can assist energy from waste or solar energy project developers, designers and plant operators to implement critical design and operational processes for sustainable energy generation. Please see projects for more information


Energy Reduction

Our in-house application uses the power of information and energy physics to investigate business energy consumption activities, trends and processes for signs of energy wastage and assist them to adapt no or little cost energy management processes to save money and reduce carbon emissions.



We are committed to improving environmental sustainability and the use of resources and can assist businesses and communities to develop and implement sustainability systems to ensure they are able to achieve sustainability, lower operating costs and carbon foot-prints and meet compliance obligations. Also, we conduct sustainability audits to ensure businesses are at the vintage of best and current sustainable practices.



We recognise that sustainability is dynamic in nature and ever-evolving. An up-to-date knowledge of sustainable practice is vital for improving the green credentials in any societal setting. We are able to provide the training and support to individuals, businesses and local communities that ensure that they have an adequate knowledge and awareness of sustainable practice. Also, we are able to provide technical support to businesses to ensure continuity in sustainable development. Please see GPAD Forums  for more details.